Hao Hua's Next Generation Laptop Design

UPDATE: Hao Hua’s D-Roll laptop is becoming a reality, thanks to Sony and Orkin Design.

Hao Hua’s scroll inspired laptop design keeps popping up on the internet. It’s really a step away from traditional thinking but uses a lot of interesting concepts. We support anyone who is willing to step outside of the norm and not only visualize a new way of doing something but also to do so with creativity and style. I can only imagine that if this sort of thing were ever put into action it would have a price tag way out of the casual user’s range. We can still dream, can’t we?

D-roll (Digital roll) is a next generation laptop design. It is distinctive from traditional laptop in both form and function.
Instead of the traditional “book” looking, this laptop is in the shape of a long tube or roll. The inspiration comes form the storage tube used by artists for storing large drawings.”

Design statement:
“Instead of the traditional “book” looking, D-roll is in the shape of an artist tube. D-roll is made out of several components including the main tube part, a multifunctional strap, a flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) screen, a flexible keyboard and a video camera. Distinctive design features include the flexible keyboard in an arc shape which is more ergonomic. Also, the multi-functional strap made out of fabric and flexible plastic is furnished with the USB outlets and the finger print lock.”

“D-roll is multi-functional computer.
There two working modes on this laptop: full function mode and email mode. Under the function mode, D-roll is completely unfolded and all devices are turned on. Under the half function mode, the main screen is turned off and detached from the main body part. The user can turn on a smaller screen on the main body part to check emails or send messages. VC is a useful add-on for taking pictures or videos. Lock sytem can provide the laptop certain security.”

For more photos and details on the D-Scroll, be sure to check out Hao’s portfolio. There are also many other innovative and inspiring designs.

Also, note that Hao Hua could be working for you!

“I am currently looking for a full-time industrial design job. Also, I am open to freelance work. If you have interest in my design, please feel free to contact me at hhua@purdue.edu”

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