B. Clay Moore's Hawaiian Dick on Wizard Top 100

Hawaiian Dick is awesome!
Wizard named B. Clay Moore and Steve Griffin’s Hawaiian Dick in their top 100 trade paperbacks published in the Wizard era.

It was listed as number 92, but look at it this way: Wizard was founded in 1991, the first Hawaiian Dick mini-series came out in 2002 and this Top 100 list was published in Wizard’s latest issue. Hundreds, if not thousands, of trade paperbacks have come out between ’91 and ’09 and even being on a list of 100 is an honor.

We picked up both volumes of Hawaiian Dick at the FX Show and they’re fantastic. Given the chance, you should check it out, along with the rest of his work: ’76, Battlehymn, Blue Jacket, Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow and The Leading Man.

Oh and by the way, B. Clay Moore has something he wants to tell you:

-B. Clay Moore’s Blog

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