Creatures Made of Nothing But Sticky Notes and Tape

Reddit user icecreamsandwich recently came out about his inner-office hobby. In between all that billing and data entry, he enjoys crafting creatures using nothing but sticky notes and scotch tape.

First, he started by making a simple T-Rex:

“This t-rex was the first thing I made. He’s basically a hollow cone with…more hollow cones for arms and legs. The head is just serrated half boxes stuck together.”

Then a Rabbit:

“The rabbit I made next is similar. The head on the rabbit is a variation of a curled up cone.”

An elephant:

“I started to step things up though with this elephant! He’s bigger than the others and uses more interesting shapes. ”

A Lion:

“Someone at the office suggested a lion to me. He’s a lot more detailed than previous animals and turned out pretty cool.”

A turtle:

“Someone also suggested a turtle. He didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I was trying to get the shell to be rounded but it didn’t work out very well. It’s made of a ton of pieces but still doesn’t look very cool.”

A Dragon:

“My pride and joy is this dragon I made the other day. Those wings were a pain to get on and have little struts in front of and behind them holding them in place. Same deal with the head. I also learned how to connect tube shapes and make them curve. I made the neck and tail this way.”

A big thanks to icecreamsandwich for making these awesome animals and for letting us post them!

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