The Best Simulated Crashes in History

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is a simulation game, but its uses are severely limited by simply building fake theme parks that simulate fake safety. It’s cold, computerized reaches go far beyond simple number-crunching and ride-building. We’ve all heard the saying “Bad things happen to good people.” The videos below take it one step further, illustrating that often “Bad things happen to fake people when there’s nothing to be had but fun and explosions.”

Care should be taken due to the first person perspectives sometimes used.

This first video was recently seen over at The Chive. It’s pretty cool, but more importantly it opened our minds this little gem of a sub-genre.

This next one steps it up a bit with better directing and only slightly more creativity.

The best one yet, this crash is a two-parter. After some of the victims survive the first tier of punishment, they continue backwards for maximum torture efficiency.

This one takes the cake. It showcases multiple crashes, blending fake mass torture with environmental elements achieving maximum killing and crashing efficiency.

Thanks to The Chive for letting us in on this little secret.

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