The Cutest Marvel Team-Up Yet

The Cutest Marvel Team-Up Yet

Known for their cute and cuddly urban designs–a difficult match to believe without first seeing it–Japanese merchandising company tokidoki has teamed up with such illustrious brands as Skull Candy, Hello Kitty, Smashbox, Lesportsac and quite a few others to bring us some of the most interesting designed-for-children-but-meant-for-adults products in existence. But their latest team-up, with comics giant Marvel, is guaranteed to be one of their most interesting to date.

Marvel characters have often been portrayed in a style meant for the younger of our species (think the oddly proportioned
Super Hero Squad) but tokidoki has a knack for simplifying a design while adding their signature dash of adorable. This process makes even Captain America look like the cutest thing to have ever kicked an ass.

You can check out tokidoki’s full Marvel lineup–including favorites like Wolverine Eating Steak and Thor petting a Unicorn–on the tokidoki website.

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