Light is Green, Trap is Clean – The Ghostbusters Trap Replica

Light is Green, Trap is Clean - The Ghostbusters Trap Replica

The Ghostbusters Replica Ghost Trap perfectly rounds out any Ghostbusters themed costumes you might be devising for Halloween this year. It is almost literally the trap seen in the Ghostbusters films we know and love…except for that it can’t actually catch ghosts. But other than that, it works exactly the way you see in the films. It has light and sound effects and even comes with a real working trap with a pedal activator and removable carrier.

Does your girlfriend sleep above the covers? Four feet above the covers? Then you’ll definitely want to get yourself our Prop Replica Ghost Trap! Along with “prop” mode and scary “interactive” mode, this fan-demanded, film-accurate reproduction features light and sound effects, plus a real working trap with pedal activator and removable carrier. Got your ghost? During “movie” mode, the trap “shakes” to simulate when one is trapped inside! Also includes both red and silver interchangeable side power bars to easily switch between “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II.”

You can get your very own Ghostbusters Prop Replica Ghost Trap for just $130.00 from

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