PC Mag compares Smartphone Camera Capabilities

Apple has played up the quality of the iPhone 4S’s camera, which now features an f/2.4 lens and 8-megapixel resolution, but how does it stack up against other top phone shooters? We tested an iPhone 4S against the HTC Amaze, the Motorola Droid Bionic, and the Samsung Galaxy S II to find out which phone captured the sharpest images and which was able to snap in-focus photos the fastest.”

I would have liked a broader spectrum comparison but it was still pretty interesting to see and the pros and cons between the different phones.

Personally, I’m satisfied with the 4S camera. I know the industry wants to keep these phone cameras easy to use for quick shots but it would be great to see a phone that allowed more manual control. Quick settings for f-stop, shutter speed and ISO could be very helpful in turning out better photos.

PC Mag has got the in depth scoop including a gallery or comparative shots/crops.

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