Knights of Good Autographed Guild Trading Cards

The upcoming Guild Trading Cards from Cryptozoic Entertainment will include premium Wardrobe and Autograph cards. The special Wardrobe cards will come with a piece of the actual clothing worn by the characters and the Autograph cards will have actual autographs by the cast of the show!

In order to make this happen, the whole cast together to sign all of their respective cards and you better believe they took a bunch of pictures to prove it. Make sure to look out for the Guild Trading Cards to come in January of 2012. In the meantime, visit to get caught up!

The Guild signs Autograph cards for the upcoming Cryptozoic Entertainment Trading Cards

The Guild signs Autograph cards for the upcoming Cryptozoic Entertainment Trading Cards

The Guild signs Autograph cards for the upcoming Cryptozoic Entertainment Trading Cards

Source – Cryptozoic Entertainment Blog

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